Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bush Contemplating Staying Beyond 1/20/09?

The New York Times reports that President Bush has apparently been telling audiences in private that it is a good thing the economic crisis has happened on his watch, because he has the experience to deal with it that a new president would not have.  Call me paranoid, but this kind of thinking could be seen as the first step towards constructing an argument to stay in the White House after 1/20/09.  Imagine if the economic crisis worsens, or if a terrorist attack happens, or if additional violence breaks out among countries in the Middle East.  What would it take for Bush to declare a state of emergency so that power is not transferred to an inexperienced president-elect Obama? 


Drew said...

Every time my faith in humanity begins to return, I run across a blog like this. It's time to take off your tin-foil hat and grow up.

N.D. Lion said...

But why would we want to do that?